Monday, August 27, 2012

The Ridge Motorsports Complex

Having never been to the Ridge I was a little slow in the first session. Ran some 2:12 laps and just tried to learn the track.

By the afternoon I was running 1:58.2s (best) and really consistent 2:00s.

The 8a-11 section of the track is all right turns and it's fast. Once I learned the line I was running the whole section at WOT in 4-5th gear. Looking at some logs from the CMS Lap Timer I was doing 103+ mph coming into the brake zone for 11. Problem is Subarus have fuel starvation issues in long right turns on slicks. Once you're under 1/2 tank you gotta back off. So I decided if anyone want to pass me it was going to be in 8a-11 where I couldn't go WOT.. 

So fueling is on my to do list. It's a PITA to stay over 1/2 tank all the time! Not sure if I'll do an external surge tank or improve the internal surge tank yet...
The other thing I'd like to mention is the CMS Lap Timer. I met Pete who writes the code for CMS and he convinced me to give CMS a try over Harry's Lap Timer. So I did and at first I wasn't too impressed because of some issues with an older software release. This last even at the Ridge with v1.2 software worked great and I couldn't be happier with the ease of use. Just open the app and drive. That's it!